Underbenk kjøleskap 200l. med glassdør

Underbenk kjøleskap 200l. med glassdør

kr 7.940,00 ekskl. mva

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200 Lt. Refrigerated upright (GLASS DOOR)

S/S external cabinet, thermoformed internally

Roll-bond evaporator system with fan assisted cooling

Automatic compressor cycle defrost

Foaming Agent Cyclopentane (45mm per side)

Digital Thermostat

Removable Gasket

Inner LED light

Lock and main switch fitted as standard

Adjustable shelves: 2 Pcs

Stainless steel external handle

N.2 Adjustable feet + N.2 Rollers at the back

Temperature range: + 0 °~+ 8° C

Model: RCXG 200

Capacity: 200L

Dimensions: 59,8x67x83,8cm

Power: 1.46Kw/230V

Weight: 46kg.

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